about-imageOur agreement contains member requirements and guidelines to ensure compliance with the Compassionate Use Act, Medical Marijuana Program Act and the Attorney General’s Guidelines for the Security and Non-Diversion of Marijuana Grown for Medical Use.

Our Mission

  •  Help every individual who comes through our doors to feel truly cared for, valued, and respected.
  •  Protects Medical Cannabis Patients by providing a safe, affordable alternative to the dangerous circumstances of the illegal drug market.
  • Honor the trust provided by our fellow citizens by faithfully and rigorously observing and enforcing the   laws of the perspective visionary City of Port Hueneme and this great State of California.
  • Protect the safety, tranquility, and cleanliness of our immediate neighborhood.
  • Create an extraordinary environment of medical care, honesty, and friendliness.
  • Encourage engagement of the mind body soul nexus in the healing process.

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